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    VO/1421 BeeSavers Malta is registered under the Malta Voluntary Organisations Act
    Our Work

Founded in 2014

We started out by capturing urban swarms for redirection into the wild, dissemination of ideas and educational activities.

With a hands on approach, numerous colonies of bees were saved from destruction. It is now apparent that the Ruttneri strain is of great rarity, possibly reaching (VU) status.

Of more concern is that even the established wild bee populations were struggling to survive due to general drought and lack of foraging space.

Therefore in order to conserve bees, one must also restore the macro climate, namely achieving the significant increase of bee foraging areas. This has been our holistic vision ever since.


"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country" John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Our ideas are big, consistent and well grounded.
If you are willing to participate or contribute drop us a line and we'll talk.


Hundreds of swarms tackled since 2014 - and counting

A multidisciplinary approach to save bee colonies trapped in urban environments, quarantine and re-homing in the wild.

Relocation of Trees

In collaboration with Garland Company, we have initiated a procedure where trees facing the chop within construction sites can be safely relocated within ODZ spaces. In 2023 a total of 114 trees were relocated, earning Silver in the 2023 SME Chamber Awards.

Niche Bee Sanctuaries

In order to preserve and multiply the colonies we capture, a pilot project to plant over 200 bee pollinated trees is undergoing approval.
Permit ref PA8421/21. This model will be replicated in other areas.

Engaging Stakeholders

Great ideas are out there, however they useless unless implemented.
We constantly engage leaders in enterprise, government and other agencies to help bring intelligent ideas to life.

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