Beesavers Malta capturing urban swarms for redirection into the wild

What we do..

Honey bees are in global, great decline - we are making an effort to conserve bee species in the Maltese Islands and urge any other visitors from around the world to do the same. Around springtime it is very common for bees to swarm in large numbers, since most areas are urbanised - some swarms may end up in another property.
Although such swarms do not attack if unprovoked, many people spray them with chemicals and pesticides or even burn the whole swarm out of fear. It is approximated that in the Maltese Islands alone, that anywhere from 400,000 to 800,000 bees die annually by such practise.

Therefore we urge anyone who encounters a swarm to contact us in case of swarming- a conservation beekeeper will be immediately dispatched to capture them, quarantine and if necessary heal any possible diseases. These bees will be finally  led back into the wild.
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